If you are looking to collaborate with Eco Fashion Labels, that great!

Do you have a sustainable brand, eco-friendly products, or any other sustainable social services such as blog, website or Youtube channel? You are at the right place!


how does it work?

The process/form of the collaboration can be done in different ways. We could support each other’s promotion - you would promote us on your blog and we would likewise do the same for you.

The other approach would be to connect through our Affiliate program. We would generate a link for you, which you would further insert on your blog. The outcome would be that you would get certain precent from each order which would be created through this link.  


Would you like to collaborate?

Download our Media Kit for more information about Eco Fashion Labels Marketplace. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at


We also welcome any other ideas of a way of collaborating and we look forward to hearing from you